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Eyexpo is a Vancouver based VR company specializing in all things 360º.

We are experts in utilizing 360º and Virtual Reality technologies to create immersive experiences for companies and brands. Our virtual tours are here to disrupt traditional marketing.

Our Approach

Create Immersive Experiences

Traditional video and photography requires imagination. With 360º and VR technology customers and prospects can experience any service or product in a new and immersive way.

Enable a Multi-channel brand strategy

Our one-stop VR solutions are developed for the mobile, web and all VR platforms. Once you finish your set-up for the one channel, the other channels would be simultaneously synced.

Share and Promote your Content via Social Media

Eyexpo Solutions enable you to easily incorporate your 360º VR content to Google, Facebook and Weibo. Social media activation is part of the integrated solution we provide.

An Experienced Team that Dreams in 360º

Eyexpo brings together a world-class team of interdisciplinary experts from creatives, UX designers, engineers and project managers to build solutions and content that are designed to have a measurable impact.


  • Image
  • Video
  • 3D Object
  • 360-degree panoramic photos, also known as "photo-spheres" are a quickly rising trend in online media. You can now upload and share 360-degree photos on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter View and more. Contact us to capture, edit and publish photo-spheres for all of your own marketing and publicity needs.

  • We are vancouver leaders in creating cinematic Virtual Reality experiences that take viewers closer to the action than ever before.With years of VR storytelling experience and custom-built camera and audio technology, we produce unforgettable 360º videos that create a sense of wonder and empathy.

  • Interactive 3D Model brings your scale models to life online. Click on the visual annotations to view pre-selected points of interest, or left-click and drag anywhere on the screen to rotate per your liking. Right-click and drag anywhere to move the 3D space. Finally, zoom in or out for your viewing pleasure!


Google Street View Trusted Business

Eyexpo has been capturing 360º imagery for Google listings since 2016. We are a top contributor & have completed the single largest Google Street View Trusted project with over 1,000 properties for a single client.

Social Media marketing

It’s the most effective way to promote your business nowadays with ultimate cutting-edge content.

Take your business with us

Without costing any of your human resource, you are attending to your chosen events with us virtually.

Feature as a member

Once your immersive project is completed, get featured on our page with full introduction of your business!

Full 360° Interactive Virtual Experiences.

Create interactive tours and walkthroughs by connecting multiple 360° images declaratively via HTML.

For the most gripping interactive Virtual Reality experiences, we create immersive stories that transport viewers to new and exciting places. With VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, viewers can go from watching the scene to being the scene in an instant.


The Future of Experiential Marketing

200 Million

VR users by 2020.

$95 Billion

VR market by 2025.

18 x

More effective than traditional video advertising.

Services Packages


Virtual Tour

V - Series

Starts from 5 scenes
360° Image
Interactive features


Marketing & Promotion

P - Series

Guaranteed viewer
Offline event showcases
Offline promotional events

Interactive VR Experience

W - Series

Up to 25 scenes
WebVR Site Design
20 VR Headsets

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